Home Buyers Guide – Part 4

Step 4: Closing on Your Home

The last step of the process is closing the loan. While your mortgage lender will have had everything to do with securing the financing for you, the actual closing will be handled by a title company.

Once all requirements for the loan program have been met and the underwriter provides the final approval for the mortgage application, a day and time will be scheduled to sign all of the necessary documents.

Before the documents are signed, your lender or a representative from the title company will let you know how much money you will need to bring to closing. This can usually be done a few different ways such as a wire transfer or a cashier’s check.


“This is simultaneously the least glamorous and most exciting part of buying a home.”


At the closing, the property will be transferred to you and the loan documents will be signed. Be prepared to spend an hour or two at the closing to review and sign all the necessary documents.

You will leave the closing knowing when the payments are due and the amount of the payment. More importantly, you will leave the closing owning a new home!

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